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Janome 2212 Review



Price: $149.00

An entry level, beginner's sewing machine with basic sewing functions.

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This Janome 2212 review was created to help determine features and affordability of various sewing machine models and brands.  This particular Janome sewing machine would be great for a beginner, or someone who does not want to fuss with a lot of features.


Janome 2212 Review

The Janome 2212 is a very basic, non digital sewing machine that although not robust in features, is built to last.  This would be a great modern-day equivalent to an older sewing machine, or good for a young beginner who doesn’t need the advanced features some of the modern sewing machines have to offer.  The Janome 2212 is a quality entry level sewing machine at a value price.  It features twelve built-in stitches and a four-step buttonhole.  An easy to use dial makes stitch selection and adjustment easy.  If you are looking for a sewing machine without a lot of “fluff” or an entry level sewing machine for a beginner, look no further than the Janome 2212.


What Can I Sew?

With Great features like free arm sewing and drop feed, the Janome 2212 can tackle all sorts of sewing projects.  There are twelve built-in stitches for apparel and craft sewing.  You can experiment with lighter projects such as clothing, accessories, or household linens and crafts.  This is truly a great beginner sewing machine.



  • 12 Built-in Stitches
  • Four Step Buttonhole
  • Turn Dial Stitch Selection
  • Lightweight
  • Vertical Thread Holder
  • Front Loading Bobbin
  • Free Arm Sewing Capible
  • Sewing Speeds up to 860 Stitches per Minute
  • Manual Tension Control
  • Snap-On Presser Feet
  • Built-In Thread Cutter


What’s In The Box?

The Janome 2212 comes with a few accessories to get you started including the foot control, a standard sewing foot, zipper foot, sliding button hole foot, blind hem foot, a bobbin, small screw driver, seam ripper and needles.



The Janome 2212 is an affordable, entry level sewing machine without a lot of fuss.


When creating the Janome 2212 review, I felt that there were few features, and with only twelve stitches on the Janome 2212, you will be limited on sewing abilities.

In Conclusion:

Janome is offering a great entry level machine with the Janome 2212 sewing machine.  I would consider this appropriate for a beginner or someone who is looking for the most basic sewing machine.

19 Comments/Reviews

  • Lori says:

    I’m assuming this machine has adjustable sewing speeds. Is that correct?

  • Anita Lopez says:

    I want this machine but I have read many reviews saying there’s problems with the bobbin or thread getting caught etc. I wonder if you know am entry level machine that has the least problems. ?? Even if I need to pay more. Also did Janome buy out another company?

    • Mandy says:

      Anita, Thanks for taking the time to ask a question. Usually bobbin and thread problems are due to tension settings. As far as a machine with the least amount of problems, each model will have it’s positives and negatives which is why we strive to do thorough reviews of various models. Also, each machine will come with a user manual which helps with trouble shooting if you have an issue with a machine you buy. Hope this helps!

  • paula says:

    Does this machine come with a tutorial DVD?

    • Mandy says:

      Good afternoon! Thanks for taking the time to ask a question. The Janome 2212 does not come with an instructional DVD, but does come with a very detailed instruction manual.

  • Diane Gingras says:

    Question : does it sew bulky fabrics like 3 or 4 thickness of denim ?
    Thank you.

    • Mandy says:

      Diane, thanks for stopping by, and taking the time to ask a question. This is a complicated question with sewing machines… The answer is technically yes. It will sew layers of denim, however, I wouldn’t recommend this machine (or any of the other less expensive machines) for sewing denim, or other thicker fabrics. Those are best sewn on industrial sewing machines, and are the reason upholstery shops and such use industrial sewing machines. Their motors are made specifically for this purpose and will hold up to the use. Whereas, the Janome 2212 as well as the other home use machines, will either not sew thicker fabrics or multiple layers of denim well, or will burn out due do the hard use. I hope this helps you on your journey to find the perfect sewing machine for you!

  • Ilyssa says:
    5 stars

    I’ve had this machine for about 9 months now. I was looking for a sewing machine because I was tired of hemming my pants by hand or finding someone to do it for me. I did a lot of extensive machine research before purchasing one. The sales person in the store told me that for someone like me who hasn’t used a machine since middle school home economics, I will find it very user friendly, not intimidating, and it will take me a while to out grow the machine. I was told the only thing not recommended sewing on the machine is heavy denim because I’ll burn out the motor faster than expected. The quality of the brand means there aren’t cheap parts in the machine and it will last me years. I’ve purchased several different feet for the machine and have been sewing up a storm. The only issue I had was when I made one of those time consuming overnight & weekend bags, I felt like I could have used more room under the arm or flipped everything around and sewed it in reverse. I guess that can be filled under not a ‘beginner’ type of project. I’ve made a few baby blanket gifts, quilts, craft projects, dance outfits for my daughter, and the list goes on. I am 100% happy with this machine and the price point I paid. I have look into machines with more bells on them, but for what I’ve done and have planned I do not see a need yet to abandon my loyal friend.

    • Mandy says:

      Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your experience with the Janome 2212! We’re thrilled you’ve been happy with it, and are finding it suitable for your sewing needs. Happy Sewing!

  • Elizabeth says:
    4 stars

    I love her! Such a little workhorse and very forgiving to the novice. My only small comment was I wish I could adjust the pressure foot, but otherwise, no complaints.

  • mary says:

    does it do a applique stitch

    • Mandy says:

      Hi Mary! Thanks for taking the time to ask a question. An applique stitch is generally a zig zag stitch done all the way around the applique. This machine does have a zig zag stitch and will applique great! If you’re referring to an embroidery, applique type stitch, it does not do embroidery. Hope this helps!

  • Pam says:

    I have this machine and love it. I do a lot of quilting and it is perfect, I don’t need all the bells and whistle, just a great running stitch. This machine suits all my needs except one, I want to do free arm quilting on my smaller projects and am looking for an extension table that will fit this machine. Do you have any information on something like that?

    • Mandy says:

      Good afternoon Pam! Janome does not currently make an extension table for this machine. There are a few available for other Janome sewing machines, but from what I’ve read, they do not work with the Janome 2212 unfortunately. Another great option for a sewing machine that comes with a quilting table, you may want to check out the Brother CS6000i. You can find our review and other information here: Have a great day!

    • Jessieth says:

      It wouldn’t help when traveling, but my solution at home with a machine similar to this is a table with a drop down section (Black Friday special at JoAnne’s last year for under$100). The machine doesn’t fill the hole but a two strips cut from a flexible cutting board (3 for about $3 at Walmart and great stiffeners for bottoms of bags, etc.) and trusty painter’s tape to attach them to the front and back of the machine and using the rest to cover the right end has “customized” it just fine. The first time I had to change a bobbin, i quickly had to spilt the front and back strips right where the little table that comes with the machine, but after that it has worked great and is narrow enough it can even be left on when I put the machine in its case. It would look really bizarre left on when using the machine tabletop at a class, but would take only a minute, literally, and 2.5′ of painter’s tape to put it back on if I ever take it off.
      I have an older Necchi with similar features that I like but I am thinking of getting this machine for my adult daughter for Christmas.

  • Liz says:

    Looking for a Janome machine to do quilting. I am not impressed with digital area of machines. Can you recommend a machine?

    • Mandy says:

      Hello Liz, most home-use sewing machines have gone to digital format. This is not only easier to use, but allows for more features in the machine. We understand however, that this is not necessarily for everyone, but options are very limited. The Janome Magnolia 7318 may be an option for you. It’s a basic sewing machine from Janome. Although it will sew a quilt, the stitch options are limited and the throat space is small, so it may be challenging to quilt with.

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