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Singer 7258 Stylist Review


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Price: $189.99

The Singer 7258 has the features of a sewing machine twice it's cost. It is packed full of options, stitches, and will handle even the toughest sewing job.

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Singer has always had an excellent reputation for offering a quality product.  They are known for their sturdy frames, heavy duty motors, and overall sewing quality.  More people own Singer sewing machines than all other brands of sewing machines combined.  Singer sewing machines come standard with a 25-year limited warranty.


Singer 7258 Review

The Singer 7258 Stylist is a modern digital sewing machine from Singer.  The on-screen digital display makes it easy to change stitch settings at the push of a button.  The smooth sewing and quiet design of the Singer 7258 machine will leave nothing to be desired and make you wonder why you waited so long to upgrade to a digital sewing machine.  From the front of the machine, you can easily and quickly stop/start sewing or raise/lower the needle.  I was surprised when creating the Singer 7258 review to find, there are 100 stitch options including 76 decorative stitches that will give you hours of enjoyment.  You will be so excited about this sewing machine, that you will literally be finding new things to sew just to use it.  The Singer 7258 offers professional results at an affordable price.  My favorite thing about this sewing machine is the ease of use, and seamless operation, Singer did not miss a beat with this sewing machine.


What Can I Sew?

The Singer 7258 stylist sewing machine is truly a seamstress’ dream.  It is packed full of features that will make any seamstress smile.  With 76 decorative stitches, you can create unique gifts, quilts or heirloom projects. The ten included presser feet make apparel sewing a breeze.  This machine is an all-around great buy for any type of home sewing project.



  • 100 Stitch Patterns
  • Adjustable Sewing Speed
  • Push Button Stitch Selection
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Programmable Needle Up/Down
  • Top Drop-in Bobbin with Clear View
  • 6 Fully Automatic One-Step Buttonhole Stitches
  • Ready, Set, Sew DVD Included
  • Automatic Stitch Width and Length
  • Automatic Reverse
  • 6mm Stitch Width
  • Six-Second Threading
  • Sewing Speed of up to 750 Stitches per Minute
  • Automatic Presser Foot Pressure
  • Automatic Bobbin Winding
  • Automatic Bobbin Winding Stop
  • Center Zigzag Taper
  • Twin Needle Capacity
  • Six-Segment Feeding System
  • Aluminum Frame
  • StayBright LED Lifetime White Lamp
  • Electronic Start and Stop



What’s In The Box?

The Singer 7258, unlike many budget model sewing machines comes with all of the general accessories you will need to get started including; Auxiliary spool pin, general purpose foot, spool pin felt discs, small, medium and large thread spool caps, screwdriver for needle plate, satin special-purpose foot, one-step buttonhole foot, four bobbins, zipper foot, blind hem foot, package of needles, lint brush, seam ripper and darning plate.  You will also get a Ready, Set, Sew DVD for easy sewing instruction, a user guide and warranty card.


Singer is offering a huge value with the Singer 7258 stylist.  It is a full, function sewing machine with digital sewing machine functions as well as foot control options.  This machine has everything you could need out of a home sewing machine.


Digital sewing machines such as the Singer 7258 comes with a ton of features which may be a bit of a challenge to learn if you have never used a digital sewing machine before.

In Conclusion:

I hope you find the Singer 7258 review to be a helpful tool in shopping for your next sewing machine.  I believe the Singer 7258 is a step up from the home sewing machine of the past, and has all of the features you could want out of a sewing machine at a price that fits almost any budget.  The digital options allow you to sew with or without the foot pedal, and the stitch functions make it a great sewing machine for any seamstress.

7 Comments/Reviews

  • Arielle says:

    Hello-I have this machine and I was hoping somebody could help me as to whether or not I can embroider letters? Is there a software or something that can be installed?

    Thank you for your help!

    • Mandy says:

      Hi Arielle! This particular sewing machine model does not have an embroidery option for letters or designs. One option is to use a washable fabric pencil and write your design on your fabric, then use a decorative stitch and follow the lines you drew on your fabric. This may take some practice, but I’ve done it a few times when not working on an embroidery machine. Hope that helps!

  • Joy says:

    Does the extension table come with the machine, or do I buy it as an accessory? Thanks in advance!

  • Gloria says:

    Hi. Can someone tell me do this machine sew denim and leather fabrics?

    • Mandy says:

      Gloria, this is a very common question we get regarding home-use sewing machines. Although most machines, including this one, will technically sew some denim or soft leather, they are not going to hold up well under repeated use. The motors are not strong enough to handle the force needed to sew through denim or leather. And, more likely than not, they will not sew through leather at all with the exception of soft suede type leather. We strongly recommend a commercial sewing machine that is sold just for this purpose if you plan on sewing these fabrics frequently. If however, you only intend on hemming jeans from time to time, than this should work just fine. I hope that helps!

  • jackie hammons says:

    can you adjust the height and width of the decorative stitches

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